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AIBEA CIRCULAR 26 /1/ 2008 / 57


We furnish herein the greetings message received from the General Secretary of World Federation of Trade Unions on the eve of our Conference. It is a detailed message outlining the present challenges & tasks and hence being circulated to all units.

We also enclose herewith the congratulatory message received from General Secretary, WFTU for the new team of AIBEA.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,

Encl.: Message from WFTU

World Federation of Trade Unions

Athens, November 10, 2008

Greeting Message of
WFTU General Secretary Com. George Mavrikos
to the 26th Congress of AIBEA

Dear colleagues,

I am sending you my personal comradely greetings from Athens, Greece and wishes for the best of success to the works of the 26th Congress of AIBEA. Unfortunately my overloaded program in the Greek Parliament due to govermental policies for accelerating the privatisation of our national carrier forced me to stay in Athens.

On behalf of the 180 trade unions that are members of the WFTU in 95 countries worldwide we bring fellow congratulations on your struggles and achievements for the benefit not only of the bank employees of India but for the working class of your country and of the whole world. The WFTU family is very proud for the role and the initiatives of AIBEA who consistently supported and supports the course of development of your great country. We cease the opportunity to thank especially comrade C Venkatachalam, for the stable friendship and support to the WFTU during all those years and his commitment and contribution to the new course of the WFTU.

Your 26th Congress takes place in a very critical period for the world working class. The capitalist world is shaken by crisis and recession. Hundreds of banks in all capitalist countries face problems of life and death. In the U.S. it is estimated that by the end of 2009 some 650 banks will be shuted down. The same picture exists in Europe. Similar problems exist in all continents. During the last three months the banks in the U.S. got the homes of about 420,000 workers because they could not pay back their loans. These people now live in tents. They live without food, without dreams for tomorrow. In U.S. one hundred and seventy thousand job positions were lost during only one month.
The ILO estimates that unemployment will rise with 20 million additional jobeless people.

The automobile industry and the metal branch are continually closing down job positions. Factories are closing down and others are reducing their production.
So far the U.S. and the European Union have decided to strengthen the banks and private insurance companies and multinationals with the amount of 3 trillion euros. And there is a question born here : from where do these 3 trillion euros are coming from; Who will get them and for what purpose?
It is certain that the 3 trillion come from the taxes of workers and citizens. It is money coming from the work of ordinary people. Why is now this money gifted to bankers?

Another major problem today for the world working class is food. Prices on rice, potatoes, water, wheat, are risen too. The International Organizations estimate that because of the food problem, 100 million people worldwide will pass in poverty and malnutrition! Diseases that had disappeared, now they are back again. The infant mortality increased from hunger.
The WFTU, apart from the problems generated by the economic crisis and the rise in prices of basic foodstuffs, underlines that the international trade union movement is clearly contrary to the imperialist aggression that characterizes the policy of the U.S. government.

In Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, basic rights of peoples are violated. The threats and blackmail against Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and Palestine, create serious risks for peace at regional and global level.

The WFTU was and always will be in support of the right of each nation to decide alone on the future of his country. We respect the independence and sovereignty of each country.
Dear friends

The WFTU has a life of 63 years full of action and initiatives. Today is in a new period of its life.

It follows a new course, with a new leadership, it is strengthened in members and in militant characteristics. The WFTU is expressing the working class and fights for a world without exploitation of man by man.

In front of the new conditions and the international correlations we believe that the international coordination and the working solidarity between trade unions in all world is absolutely necessary.

The unity, the solidarity and the internationalism were and still are the basic tools of the militant trade union movement against capital.

The work of AIBEA, that struggles against the efforts of the Government at the privatisation of the Banks, reducing Government’s Equity Capital in Public Sector Banks, merge of public sector banks, amendment to Banking Regulation Act to allow unrestricted voting rights to FDI in banking sector, etc is an example that should be followed by others.

Today AIBEA is celebrating its 26th Conference and if we look backwards, we can see that thanks to the work of AIBEA, many banks have not been privatized and liberalized, the savings of many the people are not in great danger, victim of the financial crisis that is hitting USA and Europe. Thanks to their continuous protests and struggles, many banking reforms could be kept in bay and pushed back.

The recent events that have unfolded in USA resulting in the massive global crisis in the financial and banking sector have exposed the fallacy of these reforms policies of privatisation and the efficacy of the unregulated free market. That is why we support the action of AIBEA, which has been opposing these banking sector reforms.

Dear comrades,

With these thoughts, allow me to transmit you one more time militant greetings from the WFTU and its leadership. We assure you that the new course of WFTU that started after its 15th Congress will continue. In the last two years, 65 trade unions have requested affiliation to the WFTU. Our action is getting stronger in all sectors, in all the continents. We are very optimistic that the future belongs to the class-oriented trade union movement.

I wish you good success to the accomplishment of your tasks.

Strength and health to all of you.

Long live the working class of INDIA

George Mavrikos
General Secretary

world federation of trade unions

Athens, November 21, 2008

To: The Newly elected Leadership of
All India Bank Employees’ Association

Congratulatory message to the Leadership of AIBEA

Dear colleagues,

The W.F.T.U. has followed with great interest the developments of the successful 26th Conference of AIBEA, held in New Delhi last November 15-18, 2008.

On behalf of the W.F.T.U., I would like to convey warmest congratulatory wishes to the newly elected members of the Executive Office of AIBEA.

We strongly believe that the role of AIBEA is going to be a leading one in the struggles of the working class especially in the branch of banking at a moment when crucial struggles are taking place due to the international capitalist crisis.

Once more, congratulations for the conference and good success to the accomplishment of your tasks.

We are sure that the fraternal relations that historically have existed between the WFTU and AIBEA will strengthen even more.

George Mavrikos
General Secretary

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